Improving our reading interface

Jan 14, 2019

For a while now we have provided two versions of the OEB for reading online.

One version, dubbed the ‘Study’ version, is based on the Bible Browser software used by the Digital Bible Society for their website. This is a powerful webapp allowing for comparison of the OEB with other translations and the original Greek and Hebrew of the Bible.

However we’ve also provided another version, dubbed the ‘Read’ version which has a different aim. This version is light on resource use - with almost no javascript - and it also light in functionality. It is all about the reading. Verse and chapter markers are moved out of the text, and the text is presented with paragraphs and poetry formatted for clarity.

A new version of this ‘Read’ site is being worked on, and a preview is online at

It still needs polish and to work better on mobile devices, so if you are reading this and have CSS/JS skills and want to help, we’d love to talk to you. But even if you don’t, feedback with suggestions for improvement would be great.

Cleaning up Github

Jan 6, 2019

Over time, the ‘openenglishbible’ account on GitHub has accumulated a bunch of repositories, many of which are now out of date. Recently we did a bit of a cleanup, and so now would be a good time to set out what each of them is.

First, the main one:

This is the sources and built artifacts for the Open English Bible translation. There are two branches - the master for releases and ‘dev’ for the development documents.

This is the source for this website, mostly in markdown and html and built via Hugo.

This is a respository of useful tools for working with USFM used to build and check the OEB.

The tools are written in Python 3.

So far there is:

The tools are under the MIT licence.

This repository has copies of the original English language base texts used in the OEB. Unfortunately this needs an update - some of these files were done a long time ago and aren’t properly USFM compliant.

This is a fork of digitalbiblesociety/browserbible-3. It is the software we use for the ‘study’ interface to the OEB. There is an archived repository of an older version at openenglishbible/browserbible

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