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Main OEB now uses US spelling

Posted on Mar 13, 2011

The base on which the OEB is built, the groundbreaking ‘20th Century New Testament’, was the labour of love of a number of English translators at the turn of the century. As as result, the OEB up until now has used Oxford spelling - words such as realise, Saviour and, well, labour abounded.

Given the position of the US as the largest English speaking community (at least as a first language), it has long been our intent to have the OEB primarily in US spelling, with a Commonwealth spelling version also available.

Thanks to the work of Tim Chambers, we now have moved our primary version of the OEB (the one linked to on the right) to US spelling. We haven’t forgotten the non-US world, though, and will soon release a better mechanism for downloading the OEB in whichever spelling you desire.