Rebooting the OEB

We're back... You may have noticed that activity has been a little slow over the last year. Partly that has been because the changes we've been making are less public (changes to backend software etc) but it is also because progress did actually stall for a while.

As of December 2018, the OEB is 'rebooted' - we're back and you should now see regular updates as we push towards an initial release of all the books of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

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Welcome to the Open English Bible


Improving our reading interfaceJan 14, 2019
Cleaning up GithubJan 6, 2019


We are committed to creating a completely free modern English translation of the Bible.

The OEB is under a Creative Commons Zero licence - that is, it is in the public domain. It's available completely without cost, and completely without restrictions. It's your Bible — you can use it in worship, print as many copies as you want (whole or part), republish it on your own website, even remix it or take it as the base for your own translation to meet your needs and the needs of your community. And you can do this without needing our permission or paying us a cent (or penny, rupee or kobo).

If you find that questions of copyright are making it harder for you to use or distribute the Bible, then why not try the OEB?

Read the current release of the OEB New Testament online.

Alternatively, use the study version which allows closer comparison with the original languages, or download a copy in US or Commonwealth spelling.

Or keep up to date with progress on our blog, or on Facebook!

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Release 2016.1 (NT, Psalms and some OT books)
"Sweynheym and Pannartz" Release