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How to help

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

It is always gratifying when people contact us and offer to help out with the OEB. Especially at this stage, proofreading is invaluable and we’d love all the help we can get - it is too easy to get lost in the text and overlook thing which are glaringly obvious to a new reader.

The question is always, though, how do I help?

To give this question a more structured answer, we’ve added a new page on the GitHub wiki. The How to Help page sets out briefly the current workflow for the OEB, and introduces Github’s Issues mechanism.

The wiki page explains that easiest way to help out is to download the current plain text version of the OEB (or read the Simple Html version), and look for typos, old fashioned language, inaccuracy, needed improvements etc. Then (with your GitHub account details) go to the OEB Issues Tracker, and add your suggested change!

This allows us to keep track of suggestions - and to show you our response. It is part of our commitment to an open, transparent editing process that gives readers confidence in the final product.