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OEB (2014.11) - 'Julia E Smith' Release

Posted on Dec 6, 2014

We’re pleased to announce a new release of the OEB, including the New Testament and Psalms and available from the front page of the Open English Bible website at http://openenglishbible.org

This release is the first in a line of releases to include more books from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. In this release we have included Ruth, and Esther.

We have dedicated this release to Julia Evelina Smith (1792-1886) whose translation of the Bible was the first translation of the entire Bible by a woman. Julia was a suffragette, from an nonconformist and abolitionist family in Connecticut. Her preface to her translation, published in 1876, begins: “It may seem presumptuous for an ordinary woman with no particular advantages of education to translate and publish alone, the most wonderful book that has ever appeared in the world, and thought to be the most difficult to translate.”