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Posted on Dec 6, 2011

Work continues apace on improving the naturalness and accuracy of the OEB translation of the New Testament. As well, we are working on providing the OEB in more formats, including formats such as TheWord and Sword modules.

However, it has always been the aim of the OEB project to move beyond the New Testament and a number of options have been investigated over the last year.

This post is to announce that a preliminary translation of the Book of Psalms is available for download as a PDF.

The translation is a revision of a 1919 translation by a Scottish Old Testament scholar called John Edgar McFadyen. More information on it is available in the preface of the PDF.

As yet, a final decision hasn’t been made on whether to fold this into the OEB as our official version of the Psalms. Considerable advances have been made in proofreading and checking the version for accuracy but much remains to be done!

Only a Commonwealth spelling version is available so far, with a US spelling version a priority for future work.

Like the NT, the OEB Psalms are available under a CC0 (public domain) licence.