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Cleaning up Github

Posted on Jan 6, 2019

Over time, the ‘openenglishbible’ account on GitHub has accumulated a bunch of repositories, many of which are now out of date. Recently we did a bit of a cleanup, and so now would be a good time to set out what each of them is.

First, the main one:


This is the sources and built artifacts for the Open English Bible translation. There are two branches - the master for releases and ‘dev’ for the development documents.


This is the source for this website, mostly in markdown and html and built via Hugo.


This is a respository of useful tools for working with USFM used to build and check the OEB.

The tools are written in Python 3.

So far there is:

The tools are under the MIT licence.


This repository has copies of the original English language base texts used in the OEB. Unfortunately this needs an update - some of these files were done a long time ago and aren’t properly USFM compliant.


This is a fork of digitalbiblesociety/browserbible-3. It is the software we use for the ‘study’ interface to the OEB. There is an archived repository of an older version at openenglishbible/browserbible