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OEB now in both US and Commonwealth English

Posted on Jun 11, 2011

When the OEB started, it was based on the Twentieth Century New Testament, the translators of which were as English as, well, English people. The OEB started out, therefore, with Oxford Spelling.

One of the changes that was made was to create a version of the OEB for readers who are used to the way words are commonly spelt in the United States, but we always had a plan to make both versions available.

Now, if you go the “Get” page on this site, you can download (in PDF, Text or Word format) the OEB in either US spelling or Commonwealth spelling for those readers outside the US. Hello again to Australia, Canada, Nigeria, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Kenya, Jamaica, Tuvalu and all the other English speaking countries! The OEB-Cth spelling version retains the Oxford spelling ‘ize’ endings to appropriate words in line with the standard English used by the UN and the Oxford English Dictionary.