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Ruth: A Somewhat Different Commentary

Posted on Nov 16, 2021

Ruth book cover

Ted Stubbersfield has written “Ruth: A Somewhat Different Commentary”, incorporating the text of the Book of Ruth from the OEB. Ted’s commentary is published by Wipf & Stock

Ted says:

The subtitle of this book is “A Somewhat Different Commentary,” so how is it different? Theology without application can be lifeless and boring, and while the comments have been well-researched, contemporary application has been primarily my focus. I hope that with this commentary on the book of Ruth I have written something that can be read for pleasure as well as spiritual growth. I started writing this commentary during the drought of 2019 that ravaged Australia, prompting me to keep my small farming valley in mind. Whenever possible I have tried to tie the lessons of Ruth back to the issues I see in my own community, one which has foreign farm workers, successful landholders, virtuous men and women, older godly women who no longer work but have influence, the issue of who gets the farm, and what constitutes citizenship.

This commentary is available to purchase directly from Wipf & Stock or from Amazon

Since the OEB is under the CC0 licence, you are free to use it in any way you think is appropriate, without requiring our permission and without being under any obligations to us. The OEB is free for you to use by yourself, in your community or in a mainstream publication. It is always a great feeling when someone uses the OEB in their own work!