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A New New Testament by Hal Taussig

Posted on Mar 9, 2013

A New New Testament book cover
The OEB has from the start been intended to be more than just another translation. We anticipate it being the base for many translations. The text of the OEB is as free from restriction as we can make it, so that anyone can take it and use it as their own beliefs and conscience dictate — without requiring our permission or approval.

Engaging with the Bible means more than just reading an approved translation made by others. It also means translating it into our heart languages, sharing stories and lessons with each other, exploring depth and shades which single standard English phrasings colour over.

One of the first fruits of this policy has reached the bookstores. Hal Taussig, a pastor and early Christianity scholar, has put together a book which includes a reworking of the OEB New Testament by his translation team in the context of other non-canonical writings from the early Christian communities. The author hopes this will give fresh insights where repetition and familiarity may have dulled us.

You can check it out on Amazon.com