If you do good, know to whom you do it;
And your good deeds shall have thanks.
Do good to a godly man, and you shall find a recompense;
And if not from him, yet from the Most High.
There shall no good come to him that continueth to do evil,
Nor to him that gives no alms.
Give to the godly man,
And help not the sinner.
Do good to one that is lowly,
And give not to an ungodly man:
Keep back his bread, and give it not to him,
Lest he overmaster you thereby:
For you shall receive twice as much evil
For all the good you shall have done to him.
For the Most High also hates sinners,
And will repay vengeance to the ungodly. The
Give to the good man,
And help not the sinner.
A man’s friend will not be fully tried in prosperity;
And his enemy will not be hidden in adversity.
In a man’s prosperity his enemies are grieved;
And in his adversity even his friend will be separated from him.
10 Never trust your enemy:
For like as the brass rusts, so is his wickedness.
11 Though he humble himself, and go crouching,
Yet take good heed, and beware of him,
And you shall be to him as one that has wiped a mirror,
And you shall know that it he has not utterly rusted it.
12 Set him not by you,
Lest he overthrow you and stand in your place;
Let him not sit on your right hand,
Lest he seek to take your seat,
And at the last you acknowledge my words,
And be pricked with my sayings.
13 Who will pity a charmer that is bitten with a serpent,
Or any that come near wild beasts?
14 Even so who will pity him that goes to a sinner,
And is mingled with him in his sins?
15 For a while he will abide with you,
And if you give way, he will not hold out.
16 And the enemy will speak sweetly with his lips,
And in his heart take counsel how to overthrow you into a pit:
The enemy will weep with his eyes,
And if he find opportunity, he will not be satiated with blood.
17 If adversity meet you, you shall find him there before you;
And as though he would help you, he will trip up your heel.
18 He will shake his head, and clap his hands,
And whisper much, and change his countenance.
+Or,alike workTheword is of very doubtful meaning.1:5+Verses1:55 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:7+Verses1:75 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:15+1:15Gr.1:15nested.1:18+1:18Gr.health1:18of cure.1:18+The1:18remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.1:21+Verse1:2121 is omitted by the best authorities.1:23+Most1:23authorities read1:23resist.1:23+1:23Or,1:23until1:23his1:23season1:24+1:24Or,1:24until1:24his1:24season1:28+The1:28remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.2:4+2:4Gr.in2:4the changes of your humiliation.3:7+The3:7preceding words of this verse are omitted by the best authorities.3:19+Verse3:1919 is omitted by the best authorities.3:25+Most3:25authorities omit verse 25, and transpose the lines in verse 26.3:27+3:27Gr.3:27sins.4:13+4:13Or,4:13she4:19+4:19Gr.to4:19the hands of his fall.4:20+4:20Or,an4:20evil man4:22+4:22Or,be4:22not abashed4:23+4:23Gr.in4:23an occasion of safety.4:23+Most4:23authorities omit this line.4:29+Some4:29authorities read4:29rough.4:31+4:31Or,drawn4:31back5:4+The5:4remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.5:7+A5:7line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.5:11+The5:11remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.6:4+6:4Or,a6:4rejoicing6:5+6:5Gr.A6:5sweet throat.6:5+6:5Gr.6:5his.6:7+6:7Or,in6:7the time of trial6:14+6:14Or,6:14covert6:15+6:15Gr.6:15weight.6:28+6:28Or,6:28it6:30+Numbers6:3015:38.6:32+6:32Or,6:32shrewd7:9+7:9Or,7:9them7:12+7:12Gr.Plow7:12not.7:15+7:15Gr.7:15created.7:20+7:20Or,7:20soul.7:26+Many7:26authorities omit this line7:26+7:26Or,7:26hated7:36+7:36Or,7:36words8:10+8:10Gr.fire8:10of his flame.8:18+8:18Or,8:18it9:9+A9:9line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.9:12+9:12Gr.9:12Hades.9:13+9:13Or,9:13authority10:9+The10:9text here is uncertain.10:9+Two10:9lines of this verse are here omitted by the best authorities.10:19+The10:19MSS. here greatly differ. The rendering represents the most probable text.10:21+Verse10:2121 is omitted by the best authorities.10:27+The10:27Greek text of this verse is uncertain.11:5+11:5Gr.11:5tyrants11:15-16+Verses11:15-1615 and 16 are omitted by the best authorities.12:6+The12:6remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.12:8+12:8Or,12:8punished12:11+12:11Or,it12:11has not utterly rusted him