Psalm 77
For the leader. On Jeduthun. Of Asaph, a psalm.
Loudly will I lift my cry to God,
loudly to God, so he hears to me.
In the day of my trouble I seek the Lord;
in the night I lift my hands in prayer,
refusing all comfort.
When I think of God, I moan;
when I muse, my spirit is faint.
When you hold my eyes awake,
and I am restless and speechless,
I think of the days of old,
call to mind distant years.
I commune with my heart in the night,
I muse with inquiring spirit.
“Will the Lord cast us off forever,
will he be gracious no more?
Has his love vanished forever?
Is his faithfulness utterly gone?
Has God forgotten to be gracious,
or in anger withheld his compassion?”
10 Then I said, “This it is that grieves me,
that the hand of the Most High has changed.”
11 I will think of the deeds of the Lord,
and remember your wonders of old.
12 I will muse on all you have wrought,
and meditate on your deeds.
13 Then your way, O God, was majestic:
what God was great as our God?
14 You were a God who did marvels,
you did show your power to the world
15 by your arm you rescued your people,
the children of Jacob and Joseph.
16 The waters saw you, O God.
The waters saw you and shivered;
to their depths they trembled.
17 Clouds poured torrents of water,
thunder rolled in the sky,
your arrows sped to and fro.
18 Loud was the roll of your thunder,
lightnings lit up the world.
Earth quaked and trembled.
19 In your way, Lord, through the sea,
in your path through the mighty waters,
your footsteps were all unseen.
20 You did guide your folk like a flock
by the hand of Moses and Aaron.