Psalm 73
Book Three
A psalm of Asaph.
Yes, God is good to the upright,
the Lord to the pure in heart.
But my feet were almost gone,
my steps had nearly slipped,
through envy of godless braggarts,
when I saw how well they fared.
For never a pang have they,
their body is sound and sleek.
They have no trouble like mortals,
no share in human pain.
So they wear their pride like a necklace,
they put on the garment of wrong,
their eyes stand out with fatness,
their heart swells with riotous fancies.
Their speech is mocking and evil,
condescending and crooked their speech.
They have set their mouth in the heavens,
while their tongue struts about on the earth.
10 Small wonder that people resort to them,
and drink deep draughts of their lore.
11 “How does God know?” they say,
“And has the Most High any knowledge?”
12 See! These are the godless,
with wealth and ease ever increasing.
13 Yes, in vain have I kept my heart pure,
and washed my hands in innocence;
14 for all the day long was I plagued
not a morning but I was chastised.
15 But to resolve to speak like they do
would be treachery to your children.
16 So I sought to understand it,
but a wearisome task it seemed:
17 till I entered the holy world of God
and saw clearly their destiny.
18 Yes, you set them on slippery places;
down to destruction you hurl them.
19 One moment and then what a horror of ruin!
They are finished and ended in terrors.
20 Like a dream, when one wakes, shall they be,
whose phantoms the waker despises.
21 So my bitterness of mind
and the pain that stabbed my heart
22 show how dull I was and stupid
just like a beast before you.
23 But I am always with you,
you have hold of my right hand.
24 By a plan of yours you guide me
and will afterward take me to glory.
25 Whom have I in the heavens but you?
And on earth there is none I desire beside you.
26 Though flesh and heart waste away,
yet God is the rock of my heart,
yet God is my portion forever.
27 For see! Those who are far from you must perish,
you destroy all who are false to you.
28 But I am happy when close to God;
the Lord my God I have made my refuge,
that I may recount all the things you have done.