Psalm 66
For the leader. A song. A psalm.
Shout to God, all the earth,
sing praise to his glorious name,
sing his glorious praise.
Say to God, “How dread are your works,
so great is your might that your enemies cringe to you.
All the earth does homage to you,
singing praises to you,
singing praise to your name.”
Come and see what God has done,
awe-inspiring is he in his works among people.
He turns the sea into dry land,
and people cross the river on foot.
Let us therefore rejoice in him,
the mighty Ruler eternal,
whose eyes keep watch on the nations,
that no rebel lift up his head.
O bless our God, you peoples;
sound aloud his praise,
who keeps us in life,
and keeps our feet from slipping.
10 For you, God, have tested us,
have tried us, as silver is tried.
11 You did bring us into prison,
and put chains upon us,
12 you did let people ride over our head.
We went through fire and through water,
but you led us out to a spacious place.
13 I will enter your house with burnt-offerings,
I will pay to you my vows,
14 which my open lips have uttered,
arid my mouth has declared in my straits.
15 I will offer you offerings of fatlings,
with the odour of burning rams,
I will sacrifice bullocks with goats.
16 Come and hear my story
all who fear God –
of what he has done for me.
17 For my mouth had no sooner invoked him
than his praise was under my tongue.
18 Had I cherished sin in my heart,
the Lord would never have listened.
19 But assuredly God has listened,
and attended to my loud prayer.
20 Blessed be God, who turned not aside
my prayer, nor withdrew his kindness from me.