Psalm 50
A psalm of Asaph.
The Lord God has spoken: He summons the earth
from sunrise to sunset.
From Zion, perfection of beauty,
God’s glory shines forth.
Our God comes, he cannot keep silence,
devouring fire is before him,
and furious tempest around him.
He summons the heavens above
and the earth to judge his people.
Gather to him his saints
by covenant-sacrifice bound to him;
that the heavens may declare his justice,
for a God of justice is he.
“Hear, O my people, and I will speak,
and protest to you, O Israel:
I am the Lord, your God.
Not for your sacrifices will I reprove you
your burnt-offerings are ever before me
Not a bullock will I take from your house,
nor male goats out of your folds;
10 for all beasts of the forest are mine,
and the kine on a thousand hills.
11 I know all the birds of the air,
all that moves on the fields is mine.
12 Were I hungry, I would not tell you,
for the world and its fulness are mine.
13 Am I such as to eat bulls’ flesh,
or drink the blood of goats?
14 Offer to God a thank-offering,
pay the Most High your vows.
15 Summon me in the day of distress,
I will rescue you, so will you honor me.”
16 But to the wicked God says:
“What right have you to talk of my statutes,
or take my covenant into your mouth
17 while you yourself hate correction,
and cast my words behind you?
18 When you see a thief, you run with them;
with adulterers you keep company.
19 You let your mouth loose for evil,
your tongue contrives deceit.
20 You shamefully speak of your kin,
and slander your own mother’s son.
21 And because I kept silence at this,
you did take me for one like yourself.
But I will convict you and show you plainly.
22 “Now you who forget God, mark this,
lest I rend you, past hope of deliverance.
23 Those who bring a thank-offering honor me;
but to those: who follows my way,
I will show the salvation of God.”