Psalm 45
For the leader; on shoshannim. Of the Korahites. A maskil. A love song.
My heart is astir with beautiful words:
I will sing a song, concerning the king,
with tongue like the pen of a ready writer.
Your beauty is more than mortal,
grace is shed over your lips:
therefore God has blessed you forever.
Warrior, strap your sword on your thigh.
What glory and splendor!
Good fortune attend you, as forth you ride
in the cause of good faith, and as champion of justice.
May your arm instruct you in deeds of dread.
Sharp are your arrows; nations fall under you:
pierced to the heart are the foes of the king.
Your throne shall endure for ever and ever
your royal sceptre a sceptre of equity.
Right you love and wrong you hate:
therefore the Lord your God anoints you
With oil of gladness above your fellows.
With myrrh, aloes, and cassia your robes are all fragrant,
you are gladdened by music of ivory harps.
King’s daughters stand ready with jewels for you,
at your right hand the queen in gold of Ophir.
10 Listen, daughter, and see; and incline your ear:
forget your folk and your father’s house.
11 And when the king desires your beauty,
bow to him, for he is your lord.
12 So shall the Tyrians come with gifts,
and the richest of people will do you homage.
13 The king’s daughter is glorious altogether,
with dress of pearls inwrought with gold.
14 In many-coloured robes she is led to the king,
with the virgin companions she brought in her train.
15 The king’s palace they enter with joy and rejoicing.
16 May sons of yours take the place of your fathers,
whom you will make princes in all the land.
17 Your name will I celebrate world without end,
so that nations shall praise you for ever and ever.