Psalm 4
For the leader, with stringed instruments. A psalm of David.
Answer my cry,
God, my defender.
Often from straits you have brought me
to spacious places.
So now show me your favor
and hear my prayer.
How long, you proud people,
will my honor be stained
by the slanders you love,
and the lies that you follow?
See! The Lord has shown me
his wonderful kindness:
the Lord hears,
when I call to him.
Sin not in your anger:
but speak in your heart
on your bed, and be still.
Offer true sacrifice,
trust in the Lord.
Many are longing
for fortune to smile.
Lift upon us
the light of your face.
You have put in my heart, Lord,
a deeper joy
than was theirs who had corn
and wine in abundance.
So in peace I will
lie down and sleep;
for you, Lord, keep me