Psalm 2
Why this turmoil of nations,
this futile plotting of peoples,
with kings of the earth conspiring,
and rulers consulting together,
against the Lord and against his anointed,
to snap their bonds
and fling their cords away?
He whose throne is in heaven laughs,
the Lord mocks them.
Then he speaks to them in his wrath,
and in his hot anger confounds them.
“This my king is installed by me,
on Zion my holy mountain.”
I will tell of the Lord’s decree.
He said to me: “You are my son,
this day I became your father.
Only ask, and I make you the heir of the nations,
and lord of the world to its utmost bounds.
You will break them with sceptre of iron,
shatter them like pottery.”
10 So now, you kings, be wise:
be warned, you rulers of earth.
11 Serve the Lord in awe,
kiss his feet with trembling,
12 lest, angry, he hurl you to ruin;
for soon will his fury blaze.
Happy all who take refuge in him.