Psalm 141
A psalm of David.
Lord, I call to you: hasten, to me,
attend to my voice, when I call to you.
Let my prayer be presented as incense before you,
and my uplifted hands as the evening meal-offering.
Set, O Lord, a watch on my mouth,
put a guard on the door of my lips.
Incline not my heart to an evil matter,
to busy myself in deeds of wickedness,
in company with workers of evil:
never may I partake of their dainties.
A wound or reproof from a good person in kindness
is oil which my head shall never refuse.
In their misfortune my prayer is still with them.
Abandoned they are to the hands of their judges:
they shall learn that my words are true.
Like stones on a country road cleft and broken
so lie our bones scattered for Death to devour.
But my eyes are turned towards you, O Lord.
Do not pour out my life, for in you I take refuge.
Keep me safe from the trap they have laid for me,
from the snares of the workers of trouble.
10 Into their own nets let wicked people fall;
while I pass by in safety.