Psalm 112
Hallelujah. Happy are those who fear the Lord,
and greatly delight in his commandments.
Mighty on earth shall be their seed;
a blessing shall rest on the race of the upright.
Wealth and riches are in their houses,
their prosperity stands forever.
To the upright arises light in the darkness;
full of favor and pity and kindness are they.
It is well with those who show pity and lend,
who support all their affairs upon justice.
For they will never be shaken;
the just will be forever remembered.
They will not be afraid of evil tidings,
with steady heart they trust the Lord.
Their heart is firm and unafraid:
they know they will feast their eyes on their enemies.
With lavish hands they give to the poor,
and their prosperity stands forever.
They are lifted to heights of triumph and honor.
10 The sight of them fills the wicked with anger:
grinding their teeth with despair.
The hopes of the wicked will come to nothing.