For verily all men by nature Or, were but vain who had no perception of God,
And from the good things that are seen they gained not power to know him that is,
Neither by giving heed to the works did they recognize the artificer;
But either fire, or wind, or swift air,
Or circle circling stars, or raging water, or luminaries luminaries of heaven,
They thought to be gods that rule the world.
And if it was through delight in their beauty that they took them to be gods,
Let them know how much better than these is their Sovereign Lord;
For the first author of beauty created them:
But if it was through astonishment at their power and influence,
Let them understand from them how much more powerful is he that formed them;
For from the Somegreatness greatness of the beauty Some even of created things
In like proportion is does man form the image of their first maker.
But yet for these men there is but small blame,
For they too perhaps do but go astray
While they are seeking God and desiring to find him.
For being living among his works they make diligent search,
And they trust yield themselves up to sight, because the things that they look upon are beautiful.
But again even they are not to be excused.
For if they had power to know so much,
That they should be able to explore thethe the course of things,
How is it that they did not sooner find the Sovereign Lord of these his works?
10 But miserable Or, were they, and in dead things Or, were their hopes,
Who called them gods which are works of men’s hands,
Gold and silver, wrought with careful are, and likenesses of animals,
Or a useless stone, the work of an ancient hand.
11 Yes and if some carpenter woodcutter, having sawn down a The tree that is easily moved,
Skilfully strippeth away all its bark,
And fashioning it in comely form makes a vessel useful for the service of life;
12 And burning the refuse of his handywork to dress his food, eats his fill;
13 And taking the very refuse thereof which served to no use,
A crooked piece of wood and full of knots,
Carveth it with the diligence of his idleness,
And shapeth it by the skill of his indolence;
Or, Then he gives it the semblance of the image of a man,
14 Or makes it like some paltry animal,
Smearing it with vermilion, and with paint colouring it red,
And smearing over every stain that is therein;
15 And having made for it a chamber worthy of it,
He sets it in a wall, making it fast with iron.
16 While then he takes thought for it that it may not fall down,
Knowing that it is unable to help itself;
(For verily it is an image, and has need of help;)
17 When he makes his prayer concerning goods and his marriage and children,
He is not ashamed to speak to that which has no life;
18 Yes for health he calls upon that which is weak,
And for life he implores that which is dead,
And for aid he supplicateth that which has least experience.
And for a good journey that which can’t so much as move a step,
19 And for gaining and getting and good success of his hands
He asks ability of that which with its hands is most unable.
1:1+1:1Gr.in1:1goodness.1:3+1:3Gr.1:3convicts.1:5+1:5Gr.1:5convicted.1:6+Some1:6authorities readthe1:6spirit of wisdom is loving to man.1:6+1:6Or,1:6reviler1:7+1:7Gr.the1:7inhabited earth.1:8+Some1:8authorities readNor1:8indeed.1:14+Or,1:14allthe1:14racesof1:14creaturesin1:14the world1:14+1:14Or,a1:14royal house1:16+1:16Or,1:16Hades1:16Gr.1:16him.1:16+1:16Or,were1:16consumedwith1:16love of him2:1+2:1Or,2:1among2:1+2:1Or,returned2:1out of Hades2:2+2:2Or,reason2:2is a spark2:2kindledby2:2the beating of our heart2:4+2:4Gr.weighed2:4down.2:5+2:5Or,there2:5is no putting back of our end2:5+2:5Or,comes2:5again2:6+2:6Or,that2:6are2:6+2:6Gr.2:6earnestly.2:6+Some2:6authorities readeven2:6as our youth.2:7+Some2:7authorities read2:7air.2:11+2:11Gr.2:11convicted.2:12+2:12Or,2:12law2:13+2:13Or,2:13child2:20+2:20Gr.there2:20shall be a visitation of him out of his words.2:21+2:21Or,2:21malice2:23+Some2:23authorities read2:23everlastingness.3:9+3:9Or,they3:9that are faithful through love shall abide with him3:10+3:10Or,that3:10which is righteous3:14+3:14Or,the3:14grace of3:14God’s3:14chosen3:14Gr.a3:14chosen grace.3:18+Some3:18authorities read3:18have3:19+3:19Gr.the3:19ends...are grievous.4:1+4:1Gr.of4:1it.4:2+4:2Gr.in4:2the age.4:3+4:3Gr.4:3from4:3+4:3Or,4:3offshoots4:4+4:4Gr.in4:4boughs flourish.4:11+4:11Or,4:11malice4:13+4:13Gr.4:13times.4:14+4:14Or,he4:14hastened4:14him4:14away4:15+4:15Gr.such4:15a thing as this.4:15+4:15Gr.his4:15visitation is with.4:18+4:18Or,be4:18for outrage4:19+4:19Or,be4:19a perpetual desolation4:20+4:20Or,when4:20they reckon up their sins5:2+5:2Or,5:2him5:3+5:3Or,5:3among5:3+5:3Or,reproach,5:3we fools: we accounted5:7+See5:7Proverbs 14:14.5:8+5:8Gr.5:8with5:11+5:11Or,with5:11the violent rush, is passed through by the motion of her wings5:13+5:13Gr.5:13failed.5:14+5:14Gr.as5:14foam chased to thinness:5:14or,as5:14thin foam chased.5:14+Most5:14Greek authorities readhoar5:14frost:some5:14authorities, perhaps rightly,a5:14spider’s web.5:17+5:17Or,to5:17repel his enemies6:2+6:2Or,in6:2the multitudes of your nations6:4+6:4Or,the6:4law6:6+6:6Gr.put6:6to the test.6:8+6:8Gr.6:8strong.6:9+6:9Gr.fall6:9not aside.6:10+6:10Or,accounted6:10holy6:11+6:11Gr.6:11disciplined.6:17+6:17Or,her6:17beginning is the true desire6:17+6:17Gr.6:17truest.6:19+6:19Gr.makes6:19to be near.6:22+6:22Or,from6:22her first beginning6:23+6:23Gr.6:23wasted.6:23+6:23Gr.6:23this7:1+Many7:1authorities reada7:1mortal man.7:3+7:3Gr.of7:3like qualities.7:4+7:4Gr.7:4in.7:12+Some7:12authorities readfirst7:12origin.7:14+7:14Gr.prepare7:14for themselves.7:14+7:14Gr.for7:14the sake of the presents that come of discipline.7:15+7:15Or,according7:15to7:15his7:15mind7:15Or,according7:15to7:15my7:15mind7:15+Some7:15authorities readis7:15said.7:19+7:19Or,7:19constellations7:20+7:20Or,7:20spirits7:22+7:22Gr.7:22Sole-born.7:25+7:25Gr.7:25vapor.7:29+7:29Gr.every7:29arrangement of stars.7:30+7:30Gr.to7:30this.8:1+8:1Or,reaches8:1from end onward to end mightily8:1+8:1Or,to8:1good use8:4+Some8:4authorities read8:4devisethfor8:4him.8:6+The8:6Greek text of this clause is perhaps corrupt.8:6+8:6Gr.8:6she.8:7+8:7Gr.Her8:7labors are.8:8+Some8:8authorities readhow8:8to divine the things of old and the things to come.8:8+8:8Gr.8:8conjectures.8:9+8:9Or,hold8:9counsel with me for good things, and...against cares and grief8:9+8:9Or,8:9exhort8:9Or,8:9advise8:11+8:11Or,mighty8:11men8:15+8:15Gr.8:15multitude.8:18+8:18Gr.practice8:18of communion.8:19+8:19Or,a8:19goodly child8:21+This8:21is the probable sense: the Greek text is perhaps defective.8:21+8:21Gr.of8:21whom is the grace.9:1+9:1Gr.Lord9:1of your mercy.Compare9:12 Samuel 7:15; Psalm 89:49.9:1+9:1Gr.9:1in.9:4+9:4Gr.9:4thrones.9:4+9:4Or,9:4children9:8+9:8Or,a9:8place of sacrifice9:8+9:8Gr.9:8tabernacling.9:9+9:9Gr.9:9in.9:12+9:12Gr.9:12thrones.9:14+The9:14Greek text here is perhaps corrupt.9:15+9:15Or,muses9:15upon many things9:16+9:16Gr.9:16conjecture.9:17+9:17Or,had9:17given...and sent9:17+9:17Gr.from9:17the highest.10:1+10:1Gr.10:1She.10:5+10:5Gr.10:5She10:6+10:6Gr.10:6she10:6+That10:6is,the10:6region of the five cities.10:7+10:7Or,10:7distrustful10:8+10:8Or,by10:8their life10:8+10:8Gr.10:8wherein.10:8+10:8Gr.10:8stumbled.10:10+10:10Gr.10:10she.10:12+10:12Gr.every10:12one.10:13+10:13Gr.10:13she.10:13+10:13Or,from10:13the sinof10:13his brethren...into10:13a pit10:15+10:15Gr.10:15she.11:3+11:3Or,took11:3vengeance on foes11:4+11:4Or,the11:4steep rock11:4+See11:4Deuteronomy 8:15; Psalm 114:8.11:6+The11:6text of this verse is perhaps corrupt.11:8+11:8Gr.the11:8then thirst.11:13+Some11:13authorities readwere11:13being.11:14+Some11:14authorities readcast11:14forth in hatred they.11:14+11:14Or,they11:14marveledat11:14him11:18+Some11:18authorities readunknown11:18wild beasts, full of new-created rage.11:19+11:19Gr.11:19harmfulness.11:22+11:22Gr.that11:22which just turns.11:22+11:22Gr.11:22from.11:26+11:26Or,11:26souls12:2+12:2Gr.fall12:2aside.12:5+The12:5words rendered12:5slaughters12:5and12:5impiousin12:5verses 5 and 6 differ but slightly from the readings of the Greek text, which here yield no sense.12:7+12:7Or,12:7children12:8+12:8Or,12:8wasps12:17+The12:17Greek text here is perhaps corrupt.12:17+12:17Or,in12:17them12:20+12:20Or,12:20children12:24+12:24Or,even12:24beyond12:24+12:24Gr.living12:24creatures:and12:24so elsewhere in this book.12:26+12:26Or,by12:26a correction, which was as children’s play12:26Gr.by12:26child-play of correction.12:27+12:27Or,denied12:27that they knew13:1+Or,13:1are13:2+13:2Gr.circle13:2of stars.13:2+13:2Or,luminaries13:2of heaven, rulers of the world, they thought to be gods13:4+13:4Gr.13:4efficacy.13:5+Some13:5authorities readgreatness13:5and beauty of.13:5+Some13:5authorities omit13:5even.13:5+13:5Or,13:5Correspondently13:5+13:5Gr.is13:5the first maker of them seen.13:6+13:6Or,13:6things13:7+13:7Or,being13:7occupied with13:7+13:7Or,trust13:7their sight that the things13:9+13:9Or,13:9life13:9Or,the13:9world13:9Gr.the13:9age.13:10+Or,13:10are13:10+13:10Or,13:10among13:10+Or,13:10are13:11+13:11Gr.carpenter13:11who is a woodcutter.13:11+13:11Gr.13:11plant.The13:11Greek word, slightly changed, would mean13:11trunk13:13+13:13Or,13:13leisure13:13+Or,13:13And13:14+13:14Gr.13:14rouge.13:19+13:19Or,13:19handywork