And Tobias called Raphael, and said to him, Brother Azarias, take with you a servant, and two camels, and go to Rages of Media to Gabael, and receive the money for me, and bring him to the wedding feast: because Raguel has sworn that I shall not depart; and my father counts the days; and if I wait long, he will be sorely grieved. And Raphael went on his way, and lodged with Gabael, and gave him the handwriting: but he brought forth the bags with their seals, and gave them to him. And they rose up early in the morning together, and came to the wedding feast: and Tobias blessed his wife.
1:2+That1:2is,1:2Shalmaneser.Compare1:22 Kings 17:3, 23.1:13+1:13Gr.1:13beauty.1:15+1:15Gr.his1:15highways were troubled.1:17+Some1:17ancient authorities read1:17behind.1:21+That1:21is,1:21Esar-haddon,and1:21so in ver 22.2:10+Some2:10authorities readuntil2:10he went.2:14+2:14Gr.all2:14things are known with you.3:8+3:8Gr.3:8demon.3:10+3:10Gr.3:10Hades.3:17+3:17Gr.3:17demon.4:3+4:3Gr.4:3if.4:17+4:17Or,4:17tomb6:7+6:7Gr.6:7demon.6:14+6:14Gr.6:14demon,and6:14so in ver 15, 17.6:16+6:16Gr.6:16if.7:18+Many7:18ancient authorities read7:18joy.8:3+8:3Gr.8:3demon.