Be not jealous over the wife of your bosom,
And teach her not an evil lesson against yourself.
Give not your soul to a woman,
That she should set her foot upon your strength.
Go not to meet a woman that playeth the harlot,
Lest haply you fall into her snares.
Use not the company of a woman that is a singer,
Lest haply you be caught by her attempts.
Gaze not on a maid, lest haply you be trapped in her penalties.
Give not your soul to harlots,
That you lose not your inheritance.
Look not round about you in the streets of the city,
Neither wander you in the solitary places thereof.
Turn away your eye from a comely woman,
And gaze not on another’s beauty:
By the beauty of a woman many have been led astray;
And herewith love is kindled as a fire.
Sit not at all with a woman that has a husband; A
And revel not with her at the wine;
Lest haply your soul turn aside to her,
And with your spirit you slide into destruction.
10 Forsake not an old friend;
For the new is not comparable to him:
As new wine, so is a new friend;
If it become old, you shall drink it with gladness.
11 Envy not the glory of a sinner;
For you know not what shall be his overthrow.
12 Delight not in the delights of the ungodly:
Remember they shall not go unpunished to the grave.
13 Keep you far from the man that has power to kill,
And you shall have no suspicion of the fear of death:
And if you come to him, commit no fault,
Lest he take away your life:
Know surely that you go about in the midst of snares,
And walk upon the battlements of a city.
14 As well as you can, guess at your neighbors;
And take counsel with the wise.
15 Let your converse be with men of understanding;
And let all your discourse be in the law of the Most High.
16 Let just men be the companions of your board;
And let your glorying be in the fear of the Lord.
17 For the hand of the artificers a work shall be commended:
And he that rules the people shall be counted wise for his speech.
18 A man full of tongue is dangerous in his city;
And he that is headlong in his speech shall be hated.
+Or,alike workTheword is of very doubtful meaning.1:5+Verses1:55 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:7+Verses1:75 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:15+1:15Gr.1:15nested.1:18+1:18Gr.health1:18of cure.1:18+The1:18remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.1:21+Verse1:2121 is omitted by the best authorities.1:23+Most1:23authorities read1:23resist.1:23+1:23Or,1:23until1:23his1:23season1:24+1:24Or,1:24until1:24his1:24season1:28+The1:28remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.2:4+2:4Gr.in2:4the changes of your humiliation.3:7+The3:7preceding words of this verse are omitted by the best authorities.3:19+Verse3:1919 is omitted by the best authorities.3:25+Most3:25authorities omit verse 25, and transpose the lines in verse 26.3:27+3:27Gr.3:27sins.4:13+4:13Or,4:13she4:19+4:19Gr.to4:19the hands of his fall.4:20+4:20Or,an4:20evil man4:22+4:22Or,be4:22not abashed4:23+4:23Gr.in4:23an occasion of safety.4:23+Most4:23authorities omit this line.4:29+Some4:29authorities read4:29rough.4:31+4:31Or,drawn4:31back5:4+The5:4remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.5:7+A5:7line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.5:11+The5:11remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.6:4+6:4Or,a6:4rejoicing6:5+6:5Gr.A6:5sweet throat.6:5+6:5Gr.6:5his.6:7+6:7Or,in6:7the time of trial6:14+6:14Or,6:14covert6:15+6:15Gr.6:15weight.6:28+6:28Or,6:28it6:30+Numbers6:3015:38.6:32+6:32Or,6:32shrewd7:9+7:9Or,7:9them7:12+7:12Gr.Plow7:12not.7:15+7:15Gr.7:15created.7:20+7:20Or,7:20soul.7:26+Many7:26authorities omit this line7:26+7:26Or,7:26hated7:36+7:36Or,7:36words8:10+8:10Gr.fire8:10of his flame.8:18+8:18Or,8:18it9:9+A9:9line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.9:12+9:12Gr.9:12Hades.9:13+9:13Or,9:13authority