The Lord created man of the earth,
And turned him back to it again.
He gave them days by number, and a set time,
And gave them authority over the things that are thereon.
He endued them with strength proper to them;
And made them according to his own image.
He put the fear of man upon all flesh,
And gave him to have dominion over beasts and fowls. Verse
Counsel, and tongue, and eyes,
Ears, and heart, gave he them to understand withal.
He filled them with the knowledge of wisdom,
And showed them good and evil.
He set his eye upon their hearts,
To show them the majesty of his works. Verse
10 And they shall praise the name of his holiness,
This That they may declare the majesty of his works.
11 He added to them knowledge,
And gave them a law of life for a heritage.
12 He made an everlasting covenant with them,
And showed them his judgements.
13 Their eyes saw the majesty of his glory;
And their ear heard the glory of Some his voice.
14 And he said to them, Beware of all unrighteousness;
And he gave them commandment, each man concerning his neighbor.
15 Their ways are ever before him;
They shall not be hid from his eyes. 16  Verses
17  The For every nation he appointed a ruler;
And Israel is the Lord’s portion. 18  Verses
19 All their works are as the sun before him;
And his eyes are continually upon their ways.
20 Their iniquities are not hid from him;
And all their sins are before the Lord. 21  Verses
22 With him the alms of a man is as a signet;
And he will keep the bounty of a man as the apple of the eye. The
23 Afterwards he will rise up and recompense them,
And render their recompense upon their head.
24 Howbeit to them that repent he granteth a return;
And he comforteth them that are losing patience.
25 Return to the Lord, and forsake sins:
Make your prayer before his face, and lessen the offence.
26 Turn again to the Most High, and turn away from iniquity; A
And greatly hate the abominable thing.
27 Who shall give praise to the Most High in the grave,
Instead of them which live and return thanks?
28 Thanksgiving perishes from the dead, as from one that is not:
He that is in life and health shall praise the Lord.
29 How great is the mercy of the Lord,
And his forgiveness to them that turn to him!
30 For all things can’t be in men,
Because the son of man is not immortal.
31 What is brighter than the sun? yet this fails:
And an evil man will think on flesh and blood.
32 He looks upon the power of the height of heaven:
And all men are earth and ashes.
+Or,alike workTheword is of very doubtful meaning.1:5+Verses1:55 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:7+Verses1:75 and 7 are omitted by the best authorities1:15+1:15Gr.1:15nested.1:18+1:18Gr.health1:18of cure.1:18+The1:18remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.1:21+Verse1:2121 is omitted by the best authorities.1:23+Most1:23authorities read1:23resist.1:23+1:23Or,1:23until1:23his1:23season1:24+1:24Or,1:24until1:24his1:24season1:28+The1:28remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.2:4+2:4Gr.in2:4the changes of your humiliation.3:7+The3:7preceding words of this verse are omitted by the best authorities.3:19+Verse3:1919 is omitted by the best authorities.3:25+Most3:25authorities omit verse 25, and transpose the lines in verse 26.3:27+3:27Gr.3:27sins.4:13+4:13Or,4:13she4:19+4:19Gr.to4:19the hands of his fall.4:20+4:20Or,an4:20evil man4:22+4:22Or,be4:22not abashed4:23+4:23Gr.in4:23an occasion of safety.4:23+Most4:23authorities omit this line.4:29+Some4:29authorities read4:29rough.4:31+4:31Or,drawn4:31back5:4+The5:4remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.5:7+A5:7line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.5:11+The5:11remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.6:4+6:4Or,a6:4rejoicing6:5+6:5Gr.A6:5sweet throat.6:5+6:5Gr.6:5his.6:7+6:7Or,in6:7the time of trial6:14+6:14Or,6:14covert6:15+6:15Gr.6:15weight.6:28+6:28Or,6:28it6:30+Numbers6:3015:38.6:32+6:32Or,6:32shrewd7:9+7:9Or,7:9them7:12+7:12Gr.Plow7:12not.7:15+7:15Gr.7:15created.7:20+7:20Or,7:20soul.7:26+Many7:26authorities omit this line7:26+7:26Or,7:26hated7:36+7:36Or,7:36words8:10+8:10Gr.fire8:10of his flame.8:18+8:18Or,8:18it9:9+A9:9line of this verse is here omitted by the best authorities.9:12+9:12Gr.9:12Hades.9:13+9:13Or,9:13authority10:9+The10:9text here is uncertain.10:9+Two10:9lines of this verse are here omitted by the best authorities.10:19+The10:19MSS. here greatly differ. The rendering represents the most probable text.10:21+Verse10:2121 is omitted by the best authorities.10:27+The10:27Greek text of this verse is uncertain.11:5+11:5Gr.11:5tyrants11:15-16+Verses11:15-1615 and 16 are omitted by the best authorities.12:6+The12:6remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.12:8+12:8Or,12:8punished12:11+12:11Or,it12:11has not utterly rusted him13:13+13:13Gr.along13:13with.13:14+The13:14remainder of verse 13, and verse 14, are omitted by the best authorities.13:22+13:22Or,secrets,13:22and13:25+The13:25remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.14:12+14:12Gr.14:12Hades.14:16+14:16Gr.14:16Hades.14:20+Most14:20authorities readcome14:20to an end.16:15-16+Verses16:15-1615 and 16 are omitted by the best authorities.16:21+16:21Gr.among16:21hidden things.16:22+The16:22remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.16:23+16:23Gr.16:23heart.16:30+The16:30Greek text of this line is uncertain.16:30+16:30Gr.The16:30soul of every living thing.17:4+17:4Gr.17:4him.17:5+Verse17:55 is omitted by the best authorities.17:9+Verse17:99 is omitted by the best authorities.17:10+This17:10line is added by the best authorities.17:13+Some17:13ancient authorities read17:13their.17:16+Verses17:1616, 18, and 21 are omitted by the best authorities.17:17+The17:17preceding part of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.17:18+Verses17:1816, 18, and 21 are omitted by the best authorities.17:21+Verses17:2116, 18, and 21 are omitted by the best authorities.17:22+The17:22remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.17:26+A17:26line is here omitted by the best authorities.17:27+17:27Gr.17:27Hades.