Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness,
and princes shall rule in justice.
A man shall be as a hiding place from the wind,
and a covert from the storm,
as streams of water in a dry place,
as the shade of a large rock in a weary land.
The eyes of those who see will not be dim,
and the ears of those who hear will listen.
The heart of the rash will understand knowledge,
and the tongue of the stammerers will be ready to speak plainly.
The fool will no longer be called noble,
nor the scoundrel be highly respected.
For the fool will speak folly,
and his heart will work iniquity,
to practice profanity,
and to utter error against Yahweh,
To make empty the soul of the hungry,
and to cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
The ways of the scoundrel are evil.
He devises wicked devices to destroy the humble with lying words,
even when the needy speaks right.
But the noble devises noble things;
and he will continue in noble things.
Rise up, you women who are at ease! Hear my voice!
You careless daughters, give ear to my speech!
10 For days beyond a year you will be troubled, you careless women;
for the vintage shall fail.
The harvest won’t come.
11 Tremble, you women who are at ease!
Be troubled, you careless ones!
Strip yourselves, make yourselves naked,
and put sackcloth on your waist.
12 Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields,
for the fruitful vine.
13 Thorns and briers will come up on my people’s land;
yes, on all the houses of joy in the joyous city.
14 For the palace will be forsaken.
The populous city will be deserted.
The hill and the watchtower will be for dens forever,
a delight for wild donkeys,
a pasture of flocks;
15 Until the Spirit is poured on us from on high,
and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field,
and the fruitful field is considered a forest.
16 Then justice will dwell in the wilderness;
and righteousness will remain in the fruitful field.
17 The work of righteousness will be peace;
and the effect of righteousness, quietness and confidence forever.
18 My people will live in a peaceful habitation,
in safe dwellings,
and in quiet resting places.
19 Though hail flattens the forest,
and the city is leveled completely.
20 Blessed are you who sow beside all waters,
who send out the feet of the ox and the donkey.
+1:2“Yahweh” is God’s proper Name, sometimes rendered “LORD” (all caps) in other translations.+1:4or, seed+1:10The Hebrew word rendered “God” is “אֱלֹהִ֑ים” (Elohim).+1:24The word translated “Lord” is “Adonai.”+1:25tin is a metal that is separated from silver during the refining and purification process.+3:1“Behold”, from “הִנֵּה”, means look at, take notice, observe, see, or gaze at. It is often used as an interjection.+5:10literally, ten yokes, or the amount of land that ten yokes of oxen can plow in one day, which is about 10 acres or 4 hectares.+5:101 bath is about 22 liters or 5.8 U. S. gallons+5:101 homer is about 220 liters or 6 bushels+5:101 ephah is about 22 liters or 0.6 bushels or about 2 pecks—only one tenth of what was sown.+5:14Sheol is the place of the dead.+7:14“Immanuel” means “God with us”.+7:23A shekel is about 10 grams or about 0.35 ounces, so 1000 shekels is about 10 kilograms or 22 pounds.+8:1“Maher Shalal Hash Baz” means “quick to the plunder, swift to the prey”.+14:9Sheol is the place of the dead.+14:11Sheol is the place of the dead.+14:15Sheol is the place of the dead.+14:20or, seed+25:6literally, fat things+28:15Sheol is the place of the dead.+28:18Sheol is the place of the dead.+29:2or, Ariel